FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING….Everybody wants a new cat update, right? Of course you do.

First things first: after days of dithering, we finally have a name: Domino, in honor of the white spot on her forehead.

Second: how’s she doing? Very nicely, thank you. She was disturbingly lethargic for the first day or two, even for a cat, but apparently she just needed to acclimate herself. She’s now perky and normal (i.e., sleeping only the recommended 18-20 hours a day) and has explored the entire house. Our vet says she’s fine, and now that she’s discovered the second story bedroom she’s decided that she really, really likes having a couple of humans to sleep with at night. This means that Inkblot is sleeping downstairs for the time being. Which brings us to….

Third: how’s Inkblot doing? He was initially unhappy over the whole state of affairs, but I’ve been measuring his progress in feet. On the first day, he started hissing when he got within about ten feet of Domino. The next day it was eight. Then six. Then five. Today, as you can see, he’s agreed to an uneasy truce a mere two or three feet away (as long as he’s given his own blanket). This is actually fairly gentlemanly of him, since the red blanket that Domino has commandeered has always been his. But he allowed Domino to colonize the bedroom while he was downstairs sulking, and that’s what happens. He seems to be making the best of it.

So that’s the latest. All things considered, it’s been a remarkably trouble-free integration. Next up: we take on peace in the Middle East.