FRIDAY CATBLOGGING….Today is Friday the 13th, and bad luck or not, Inkblot and Domino are demanding that this space be returned to its rightful owners. Today we have cats staring at things. I don’t know what Inkblot was staring at last night, but he saw something out the window, probably one of those fifth-dimensional specters that only cats can see. Domino, on the other hand, is clearly staring at me, hoping that I’ll go away soon so that she can burrow back into the blankets and continue snoozing. I think she’s still up there as I type this.

Elsewhere, Tyler Cowen blogs on The Economics of Cats. I’m not sure I actually follow his logic, but since his conclusion is that “we have too few cats in the world, relative to dogs,” I declare his logic impeccable anyway. Inkblot and Domino heartily agree.

UPDATE: Another blog has been seduced to the dark side. Heh heh.

UPDATE 2: Did you know that “Friday Cat Blogging” returns 240,000 hits on Google? Wow.