FRIDAY CATBLOGGING….Today it’s all Domino, all the time. Last weekend Marian’s sister brought up an antique bench doohickey she was no longer using, and it has quickly become the New Favorite Thing™ for both cats. Mostly, though, it’s become Domino’s property, as Inkblot has decided instead to take possession of the table that we moved out of the way to make room for the bench. It’s exactly the same table we’ve always had, but it’s now about three feet away from where it used to be, which of course makes it New and Fascinating.

Anyway, Domino loves the bench, and thanks to her humans’ clever opposable thumbs she was also able to discover the Secret Hiding Place inside the bench — which she also loves. Turns out it also provides a nice, warm light for picture taking, so I figured I’d show everyone both the inside and the outside. That means no Inkblot picture this week, but them’s the breaks. He’ll be back next week.

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