FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING….On the right, Jasmine is trying to imitate one of our garden rabbits. On the left, Inkblot would rather just snooze.

BONUS CATS: Over at The Megs Channel, there are many, many picture of (duh) Megs. And there are many, many more here.

Elayne Riggs shows off Datsa and Amy looking unbearably smug here. And Elayne is also looking for a job, so if you know of any executive secretary or administrative assistant positions in New York City, let her know.

And finally, here is this week’s Mazal update from Bill Sjostrom. Mazal appears to be 100% healthy and is right at the stage where kittens are at their peak of saccharine cuteness.

(And politics be damned. Anyone who rescues an abandoned kitten and then moves to a new house because his landlord doesn’t allow cats is a wonderful human being in my book. Hell, he only gets one vote anyway. And he’s in Ireland.)

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