FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING….“God’s Rottweiler”? Not quite:

“I went with him once [to the Campasanto Teutonico],” said Konrad Baumgartner, the head of the theology department at Regensburg University. “Afterwards, he went into the old cemetery behind the church.

“It was full of cats, and when he went out, they all ran to him. They knew him and loved him. He stood there, petting some and talking to them, for quite a long time. He visited the cats whenever he visited the church. His love for cats is quite famous.”

…. “When we were on vacation, a cat, a little kitten, would come by, and he’d be giddy, almost giggling with joy,” [his brother’s housekeeper] said. “Cats love him; they always go to him straight away. And he loves them back.”

…. On Thursday afternoon, Chico the cat ? perhaps the closest thing there is to The Pope’s Cat, strolled from the shaded arch between the pope’s front door and his garage. Chico belongs to Rupert Hofbauer, who looks after Benedict’s garden and home [in Regensburg].

Hmmm. Maybe this guy won’t be so bad after all.

With that in mind, here’s some Friday cat blogging in honor of the new pope. I figure if he likes Roman cats, the Roman cat above is posed appropriately. On the other hand, it’s posed appropriately at the Protestant Cemetery, which is perhaps slightly less appropriate. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any cats when we were at St. Peter’s.

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