FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING….These are fresh new pictures taken mere minutes ago! On the left, Inkblot is staring up a tree at the birds who are chirping away at him in his very own backyard. He has plans for these birds, yes he does, but sadly for him they will come to nought. Since he has gained his, ahem, full adult weight, he has never made it more than about three or four feet up a tree before giving in to reality and turning around.

Jasmine is also staring up a tree, and although her bird catching skills are about what you’d expect from a coddled suburban housecat, she can certainly give them a run for their money. A minute after this picture was taken she was 20 feet off the ground and sneaking along a branch with bloody violence topmost in her mind. The birds, needless to say, are merely bemused by this.

BONUS CATS: Today the Non-Expert tackles a vexing question: how do you know if your cat is insane?

And on a more serious note, a reader sends in several links to organizations trying to save feral cats (or spay/neuter those that are unadoptable). There’s Alley Cat Allies, the Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance, and Alley Cat Rescue, which has links to organizations all over the country.

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