FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING….Jasmine used to prefer curling up between our pillows at night, but for the last few weeks she’s preferred finding a few spare inches on Marian’s pillow instead. Needless to say, she takes no heed of human breathing requirements when she does this and last night she plopped herself smack in front of Marian’s face, making me wonder if Marian was going to suffocate in the process. Sort of a grownup version of all those urban legends about cats suffocating babies. However, everyone was hale and hearty this morning, so no harm done, and as you can see Jasmine remained contentedly on the pillow long after Marian had vacated it.

Inkblot spent his morning on our new entryway rug, which instantly became a huge favorite with both cats almost as soon as we unrolled it a couple of days ago. In fact, it’s such a favorite that they practically fight over it now. We really can’t figure out quite what the attraction is.

Anyway, as you can see Inkblot and Jasmine are both in fine health and are happily frolicking in the backyard as I type this. So with that I have some bad news: I’ve been faithfully doing catblogging every Friday for a year now (here’s the post that started the whole thing) and I’m afraid I need a rest. My bottomless supply of pictures has turned out to have a bottom after all, and taking new pictures on schedule has become a bit of a chore. So this is the final edition of catblogging Friday.

My usual keen insight into human nature tells me that everyone will simply be thankful for a year’s worth of catblogging and will refrain from wailing and moaning about my lack of continuing dedication to feline exhibitionism. That’s how it usually works, right?

Right. Well, that’s what comments are for, I guess. Let the wailing and moaning begin!

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