ZINC AGAIN….I know anecdotal evidence isn’t worth much, but here’s some anyway. The last time I had a cold I tried zinc tablets for the first time, and to my surprise they actually seemed to work: my cold only lasted about four days instead of the usual week plus.

This time around I tried a zinc nasal spray, which a friend of ours had dropped off earlier for Marian’s cold/flu/illness/whatever. Since it was around, I gave it a try and it seems to have worked too: my cold lasted four or five days and was only really bad for one day.

So there you have it: zinc appears to reduce the length of colds, just like they say. Of the two delivery systems, the nasal spray is more convenient, since you just spritz it up your nose every few hours instead of having to suck on a tablet on an hourly basis.

Note: I received no payments of any kind from the zinc tablet or nasal spray industry for this endorsement. I do, however, own millions of dollars worth of highly leveraged zinc futures contracts….

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