HARDWARE UPGRADES AT CALPUNDIT….Our computer has long since become a dedicated blogging appliance and Marian finally rebelled a few weeks ago. Yesterday we bought an extension computer, much like people used to casually buy extension phones or second lines, and we now have his and hers computers, just like all 21st century suburban couples.

And it was remarkably cheap and easy. I got an HP notebook for under a thousand dollars that has every feature I could possible want and a Linksys wireless router for fifty bucks. Thirty minutes later everything was done and I was reading Calpundit from the laptop. I don’t quite have the file and print sharing stuff working yet, but a friend is coming over to bail me out and it should be up and running soon.

I usually spend a lot of time cursing and shouting whenever I have to set up some new computer gear, but I have to say that the last few things I’ve done have been remarkably trouble free. The combination of Windows XP and more mature peripheral design really does seem to have made things a lot easier and more foolproof.

And many thanks to the people who have contributed a few bucks to Calpundit over the past couple of weeks. The money is going toward the laptop plus my monthly hosting bills, and it’s much appreciated.

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