BLOG NEWS….Some miscellaneous news about the blogosphere:

  • The San Francisco Chronicle had a nice feature today about Daily Kos. Quote: “The blogosphere is going to play a huge role in this election,” Moulitsas said. “A lot of bloggers say we’re not that important. I say we’re that important.” He might be right.

  • Congrats to Josh Marshall for being named Blogger of the Year by The Week magazine. He has a nice story about meeting legendary historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. at the awards ceremony, and although he jokes about the difficulty he had describing what a blog is, it’s a real problem. What’s the best way to describe a blog to someone who doesn’t even understand the web all that well? This won’t matter in a couple of years, but it’s an annoyance today.

  • Kevin Hayden has started up yet another group blog, this one called The American Street. It’s got lots of good contributors, so check it out.

And here’s a final bit of blog navel gazing and California triumphalism that occurred to me today: if you take a look at the TTLB ecosystem, 6 of the top 11 blogs are from California. If Kaus were in there it would be 7 of the top 12. Not bad for a state with 10% of the nation’s population, eh?

(And it makes it even more embarrassing that the reason I originally named this blog Calpundit was because I had read only five or six blogs at the time and they were all from the east of the Mississippi. I figured being from California was a real differentiator! What makes it even worse is that Kaus was one of the six, but I didn’t realize he lived in Los Angeles. Live and learn.)

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