SALTY AND COLORFUL….Is the lefty blogosphere shrill and angry? Matt Yglesias comments:

It’s obviously true that the blogosphere (and especially its progressive arm) involves a degree of vulgarity that wouldn’t pass muster on television or in print, but the actual significance of this tends to escape me. Nevertheless, a lot of MSM types seem to enjoy pointing to this arbitrary stylistic difference between bloggers and “real” writers as a means of pre-empting consideration of criticism.

This seems both correct and disingenuous at the same time. I mean, the significance of relentless vulgarity is pretty well established in our society, isn’t it? As we all know perfectly well, it’s a common signal of anger and ill temper, so it’s hardly a surprise that a lot of people interpret us four-word-loving bloggers as angry and ill tempered.

At the same time, we are adults here. Or we’re supposed to be, anyway. But Olivier himself would be proud of the metaphorical smelling salts that blog critics regularly pretend to reach for whenever they read an actual swear word or two in a blog post. Buck up, folks!

Anyway, I have an idea. Nobody seems to mind when, say, soldiers or longshoremen cuss. It’s usually described as “salty” or “colorful.” So why can’t bloggers be described as salty and colorful too? Journalists, please take note.