IOWA RESULTS….A few interesting tidbits from the Iowa entrance polls:

  • Howard Dean showed weakness amongs seniors, non-college graduates, and late deciders.

  • Unsurprisingly, Dick Gephardt did much better among union households than non-union households, but even so he got only 22% of the union vote.

  • Gephardt and Dean combined got 41% of the union vote. I’m not sure how this compares to past elections, but these two had pretty much all the important union endorsements and it’s surprising that not only did union support not help them much, it didn’t even get them a majority of the vote from union members themselves.

  • John Edwards did very well among late deciders.

  • John Kerry showed strength across the board. You really can’t point to a single group where he did badly.

And finally, what’s up with the LA Times’ choice of this picture of Howard Dean for today’s paper? Are they trying to make him look like Hitler? I browsed through Yahoo’s collection of Iowa election photos (several hundred of them), and every single other picture of Dean is a perfectly good one. This is the only picture that makes him look like a frothing, Nuremburg-ish nutball, and it’s the one they chose for their page 10 photo roundup. Who made that call?

UPDATE: The winner of the Republican caucuses was George W. Bush. Just thought I’d let you know.

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