NEOCONS….Via David Adesnik, who has some comments of his own, I see that Max Boot’s Foreign Policy article about neocons is now online. As these folks go, I generally find Boot to be one of the more readable of the neocons, and I recommend this article. It’s short, it’s breezy, and I think it’s reasonably accurate too, even if grains of salt are required here and there since Boot is, after all, sympathetic to the cause.

But the main reason I’m recommending it is simply to do away with the nonsense about “liberal conspiracy theories” regarding neocons. Sure, there are some lefties who go overboard in blaming all the world’s ills on neocons, but the fact is that they are not simply liberal bogeymen. They really do exist. Boot sensibly admits this, and then acknowledges that they do have some influence ? although here he is perhaps a bit overmodest ? that they have a more-or-less coherent view of the world, and that they would like to nuke Iran and North Korea off the map see regime change in Iran in North Korea.

As his finale, he suggests that things might be going better in Iraq if the neocons really had been in charge of things, since they’ve been arguing all along for more troops, better planning, etc. There might actually be a smidgen of justice in this, although it’s worth pointing out that leading administration neocon Paul Wolfowitz certainly did his best to ridicule the idea in front of Congress last February.

Boot’s ending rhetorical flourish, delivered with perhaps a bit more self-pity than is truly wise, is a suggestion that life is mighty unfair if you’re a neocon:

If neocons had been in control, they would have done far more, far earlier, in both Afghanistan and Iraq, possibly averting some of the postwar problems. But fairly or not, neocons will doubtless be held responsible for the outcome in both countries; their numerous enemies, on both the left and the right, will see to that.

All things considered, I’ll vote for “fairly” if this is indeed what happens.

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