CORPORATE HEALTHCARE BLUES….Via Automotive news (subscription only):

General Motors intends to be a vocal player in election-year debates over health care reform, GM North America President Gary Cowger said here Friday.

“We need a serious dialogue on this issue between the public and private sector,” Cowger said in a speech to the J.D. Power and Associates International Automotive Roundtable. “Those discussions need to start now and the dialogue needs to be a part of the national agenda during this presidential election year.”

….Cowger said GM’s health care costs put it at a competitive disadvantage with foreign competitors. Those companies have younger workers than the United States and few retirees, he said. And many have some form of national health care system in their home countries.

Cowger went on to say that a government run healthcare system was “a bridge too far,” but I’m willing to bet that it’s just a matter of time until he and the rest of corporate America realize that there’s really no other way to get themselves out of the healthcare business. The fact that someone like Cowger has started talking about this is just the first step.