KERRY vs. BUSH….Polls taken nine months before an election are pretty meaningless, and polls taken nine months before an election that also match up a sitting president against a “generic” opponent are super duper meaningless.

Thus, the latest matchup polls are merely garden variety meaningless and therefore perfectly suited to a short blog post:

Just goes to show what a little momentum and some positive press can do for you. And while these might not mean much, there are two of them and Kerry’s lead is pretty substantial. On the other hand, once the David Kay stuff settles down and the press starts beating up on Kerry, his numbers will probably come down.

On the third hand….well, you get the point. But overall this is welcome news. Bush is racking up a lot of serious vulnerabilities and the election is likely to be pretty close.

And a note to Prof. Bainbridge: I still like Clark, there just hasn’t been much to blog about for the past week. He sure needs to put up some numbers tomorrow, though….

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