BUSH AND THE NATIONAL GUARD….I realize this is pretty obvious, but I guess it’s worth saying anyway: I don’t think anybody truly cares about what George Bush did or didn’t do in the National Guard 30 years ago. Yeah, he got in via special favors, he was apparently absent for six months, barely showed up for the year after that, and got an early discharge. Big deal. A lot of people did the same, and in any case he’s a different man now than he was then.

No, the reason this is a story isn’t because of what Bush did 30 years ago, but because he’s continued to this day to cover up what he did 30 years ago. He refused to release his complete service file in 1994, he refused again in 2000, and he’s refusing again now despite plainly telling Tim Russert that he would do so just four days ago.

To make this go away all he has to do is authorize the various military archives to release his entire service record. Every other military veteran who runs for president routinely does this. Why won’t Bush? What’s the reason for the coverup that’s now extended for the past ten years?