JOHN KERRY FOLLOWUP….Should the media report unsubstantiated rumors from Matt Drudge about John Kerry’s supposed extramarital affair with an intern? Um, I guess not. Irresponsible and all that, after all. Should bloggers? Um, er, maybe. Who’s asking?

But since the mainstream media is too responsible to report this stuff, what choice do we have except to turn to the less responsible but more fun blogosphere? Answer: talk radio and the British media.

First up to bat, then, is the flower of the British press, the Sun, which claims to have identified the intern in question and talked to her parents. (The intern herself is supposedly still avoiding public scrutiny in deepest Africa.) Verdict: the parents have no evidence of an affair but think that Kerry is a “sleazeball.” I guess that’s a couple of lost votes.

Next up is an example of the British press passing on reports from American talk radio, a combination that would surely vaporize the galaxy if these were subatomic particles. Verdict: Kerry says “There is nothing to report, nothing to talk about. There’s nothing there. There’s no story.”

(And this is a blog reporting on the British press reporting on American talk radio. The mind reels.)

OK then. Score so far: no evidence for this whatsoever. Perhaps this weekend we will learn that Kerry and George Bush had a gay affair in 1972 in Alabama. And then we’ll spend the rest of the week discussing which candidate is hurt the worst by this.

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