ABORTION IN WICHITA….The LA Times has an interesting feature today about Troy Newman, one of the country’s most aggressive and obsessive abortion activists. He’s recently turned his sights on Wichita:

Over the next 12 months, Newman and his followers will point their arrows at everyone who works for Women’s Health Care Services, from the chief physician to the armed security guards.

Photos of the mangled heads of fetuses will greet the receptionist at her favorite restaurant. Protesters will point out the nurse as she walks into the mall, the office manager as she heads into church. Every clinic employee can expect pickets at home, yellow arrows pointed at their front doors.

Newman will pick through clinic workers’ trash to figure out where they do business; he’ll trail them at a distance to learn their routines.

His goal is not just to make their lives uncomfortable. He wants to unsettle and disgust their friends and associates, so their hairstylists and their pharmacists, even their neighbors, make it clear they’re not welcome in Wichita.

Charming, isn’t it? Apparently invasion of privacy is not a crime in Kansas, so Newman’s tactics are all legal.

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