JOBS….Brad DeLong has been all over this, but Matt Yglesias at Tapped has a good quickie roundup of the ridiculousness of the administration’s job forecast, issued a mere week ago and already abandoned by virtually everyone in the administration, including the president himself (“I’m not a statistician,” he complained. “I’m not a predictor.”)

But can I suggest a next step? It’s one thing to mock the president’s lousy handling of the economy, but someone needs to step up to the plate and explain in nice clear language exactly why Bush’s tax cuts were ill-suited as job creation tools and exactly what we ought to be doing instead. (Yes, I’m looking at you, John Kerry and John Edwards.) I’m willing to cut them a lot of slack and accept that anything they say will contain a high proportion of political hot air, but they still need to say it. What should have been done two years ago and what should be done now? What would a middle class, job-friendly Democratic administration do about our jobless recovery?

Perhaps Brad DeLong, Paul Krugman, and Max Sawicky can give them some advice on what to say?

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