SUPERMARKET STRIKE ABOUT TO END?….The LA Times reports that the supermarket strike may be close to an end:

The deal on the table would trim supermarket employees’ health benefits and create a second tier of new workers who would earn less than those hired before the dispute began, according to sources who know the rough details of the proposed contract.

It’s hard not to have mixed feelings about this. The strike has been brutally hard on the supermarket workers, and for their sake I’m happy that they may be going back to work soon. On the other hand, it sounds like management is going to get away with fairly substantial cutbacks in both pay and benefits.

It’s just heartbreaking. I don’t support every union demand in every case, but it’s hard to believe we’ve come to this: instead of bargaining for increased pay and benefits, the UFCW is reduced to merely begging for pay and benefits to be cut a little less than management would like.

When did the land of opportunity become a country where the only thing that modestly paid service workers have to look forward to is even lower pay in the future?

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