SEARCHING FOR GOOD NEWS….Gallup may have Kerry beating Bush 50% to 44%, but that clever Byron York at NRO thinks he’s found a nugget of gold amongst the Gallup dross:

Gallup asked, “Would you say that George W. Bush and the Republican party have ? or have not ? attacked John Kerry unfairly?” Twenty-one percent said yes….

Then Gallup asked, “Would you say that John Kerry and the Democratic party have ? or have not ? attacked George W. Bush unfairly?” Thirty-five percent said yes….

To summarize: 21% of voters think Bush has engaged in unfair attacks, while 35% think Kerry has engaged in unfair attacks. Voters don’t like Kerry!

But wait a second: the poll was conducted March 5-7. So even after months of brutal primary campaigning and endless debating, only 35% of voters think Kerry has been unfair.

But before Bush had even started to campaign, already 21% of voters thought he’d been unfair to Kerry.

And this is supposed to be good news for conservatives? If this is the best NRO can do, it’s going to be a very long campaign indeed for Republicans….

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