PROBLEMS IN THE RANKS….Via Altercation, it looks like Dennis Hastert is none too pleased with the White House these days. First there was that little Kabuki dance over the 9/11 commission where they hung him out to dry, and now there’s a bit of a tiff over the highway bill:

Q You met with the administration yesterday. Did they say they would support the target number [for highway funding]?

Speaker Hastert. We need to go forward, we need to go to conference with the Senate, and then if they want to be involved in that conference, they certainly will be able to be involved in it.

Q But did they say they would sign?

Speaker Hastert. They didn’t make a commitment.

Q Did they say they would veto it?

Speaker Hastert. They didn’t say they would veto it.

Q Is that with the President or with the people?

Speaker Hastert. That is with the President. I don’t deal with his people anymore.


Q Sir, what did you mean by that last comment: That was with the President; I don’t deal with his people anymore?

Speaker Hastert. Well, we weren’t getting straight numbers from his people, and they changed their mind in the middle of the process. So we are going to do what we feel we need to do.

Q Just on this issue or on ?

Speaker Hastert. On this issue.

Q Or in general?

Speaker Hastert. On this issue.

Q Sir ?

Q What kind of numbers were you getting from them?

Speaker Hastert. Different numbers.

Q Different from?

Speaker Hastert. Where they added up.

Moments later, by the way, Hastert expressed his dismay at John Kerry’s statement that Republicans were “crooked”….