MISCELLANEOUS NOTES….My internet access is still inconvenient enough that I don’t feel like blogging very much, but here are a few quick comments:

  • That post last night about Spain sure attracted a lot of attention, didn’t it? Who knew? Without going into a boatload of detail on this, here are a couple of suggestions: (a) don’t read more into the post than is really there, and (b) keep in mind that lots of people connect support for the Iraq war with support for strong anti-terrorist policies. Some people do this for good reasons and some do it for bad reasons, but a lot of people do it. This presents a political reality that’s independent of whether this connection is actually true.

  • A lot of people have emailed me a link to this story in the Spokane Spokesman-Review about George Bush’s National Buard record. It describes something called the Human Reliability Program, a military program that screened military personnel before they were allowed access to nuclear weapons and delivery systems. National Guard pilots were covered by HRP rules, but there are no HRP documents in Bush’s record. Why?

    At first glance, I’m not sure this tells us anything new. We don’t know for sure that Bush was covered by HRP rules, and in any case it’s just one more among many documents that seem to be missing from his file. I’ll read the Spokesman-Review article more closely when I get home, but my tentative opinion is that while it adds yet another reason to be suspicious of Bush’s record, more definitive documentation is needed for this to be very meaningful.

  • Wolf Blitzer asked Donald Rumsfeld last night if we should have given the UN inspectors more time. Rumsfeld answered, “Well, the U.N. inspectors were not in there. The U.N. inspectors were out.”

    Huh? Can’t these guys even be bothered to make up decent lies anymore? They were only out because we told them to leave so that we could start the war.

That’s it for now. See you tomorrow.

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