MISCELLANEOUS SOTU FOLLOWUP….I missed this when I was listening to the SOTU last night, so it’s a good thing it’s become a widespread target of mockery in the blogosphere today. Here, apparently, is the evolution of Iraq’s WMD program:

March 2003: Weapons of mass destruction.
June 2003: Weapons of mass destruction programs.
October 2003: Weapons of mass destruction-related programs.
January 2004: Weapons of mass destruction-related program activities.

Isn’t that great? “Weapons of mass destruction-related program activities.” Brad DeLong speculates here about how this particular phrase got constructed.

(UPDATE: But Atrios seems to have the real story on this.)

Also via Brad, here’s a USA Today article that ? unlike those by the infamous Nedra Pickler ? does fact checking right. I haven’t gone through it line by line to see if every single thing it says is accurate, but the general tone seems right and the idea of adding missing context is fine. I’d be happy to see this kind of thing applied to major addresses from both sides of the aisle.

Finally, here is Al Franken’s webcast commentary on the SOTU last night. I hate to say it, but it’s pretty flat. I hope he does better than this on his new radio show.

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