COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT….Here’s an open thread to register any complaints about the appearance or operation of the new blog. I expect there are some glitches here and there that we’ll have to work out over the next few days.

Warning: I can’t promise we’ll deliver everything you ask for. But I do want to hear about any problems you’re having with font size, loading time, browser incompatibilty etc. etc. We’ll do our best to address as much of it as we can.

UPDATE: Here are a few responses to the comments so far:

  • As you can imagine, the requests for wider margins, less cramped layout, and ability to fit on an 800×600 screen are mutually exclusive. I made a bit of a nuisance of myself by insisting on a wide text column because I need it when I post graphics, and the rest of the team wanted to try and keep the site readable on lower resolution screens. In the end we compromised: I got a slightly smaller text column than I had at Calpundit, while the entire site ended up a little wider than 800 pixels.

    I agree that a wider margin on the left is probably a good idea, but overall this is just a tough problem to solve.

  • Opinions about logos, colors, etc. vary widely, of course. Those aren’t likely to change.

  • The blogroll is at the bottom in a dropdown box. Ditto for the search box. I prefer a standard blogroll over on the left myself, but this was another compromise based on lack of space.

  • There’s no “Next” and “Previous” links on archive posts, but do people really use those much anyway? To get back to the main page, just click on the logo at the top.

  • In general, opinion about opening links in a new window vs. opening them in the same window seems to favor opening them in the same window, so we’ll probably keep them the way they are. (And for anyone who doesn’t know this, you can force a link to open in a new window by holding down the Shift key when you click the link.)

  • On my PC the font size actually seems like it’s larger than the font I used on Calpundit. If the font seems small to you, can you please let us know what browser and platform you’re using?

  • The comments are all separated by a dashed line above and below each post, so it should be clear which text goes with which comment. Posts on the main page are separated by a solid line. Do the lines not show up on some PCs?

  • My email address is hyperlinked to the byline below each post.

  • In general, if you have a serious problem with fonts, posts running together, giant purple lines, or other major defects, send me a screen shot along with the browser/platform info if you can. That’s usually pretty helpful.