EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE….I guess I must have missed this little detail about the Treasury Department’s analysis of John Kerry’s campaign proposals:

The Treasury Department directed career employees to analyze tax ideas proposed by presidential candidate John F. Kerry and other Democrats after a request from House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas), officials said Wednesday.

The Republican National Committee posted an interactive feature on its website that attaches the largest of those cost estimates to Kerry’s plan to raise taxes paid by the wealthiest taxpayers.

So let me get this straight. White House healthcare adviser Doug Badger can’t testify in front of Congress about Medicare because of executive privilege. But it’s OK for the Majority Leader of the House to order up campaign talking points from the Treasury Department. In fact, it’s “proper, it’s prudent, it’s appropriate.” Hell, it’s their “obligation” to do it!

Right. And of course the Republicans gleefully latch onto the largest of these estimates and plaster it all over their website. Sounds proper and prudent to me.