KOS….I’m really uninterested in the game of “which lefty bloggers are going to criticize the latest lefty outrage,” but I wish Kos would just step up to the plate and apologize for saying “Screw them” about the deaths of the mercenary/contractors who were burned to death and then strung from a bridge in Fallujah on Thursday. This and especially this aren’t sufficient explanations.

I really don’t think it matters if they were private contractors in any case. They were burned to death and hung from a bridge. Nor does it matter much that you don’t like the war. Some of the wingnuts on the right gloated over the deaths of UN workers in last August’s bombing, and that was wrong as well, regardless of what they thought of the UN.

Bottom line: like it or not, Kos is a spokesman for the left these days, and this kind of stuff doesn’t help us. His advertisers are pulling out because of course they can’t be associated with statements like this. It’s a vote killer. And the end result will probably be a million bucks worth of fund raising for conservative causes. Not exactly what we need right now.

Sigh. We all lose our tempers and say dumb things sometimes. I wonder why it’s so hard to back down when it happens?

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