THE CLINTON PAPERS….It looks like the Bush administration is finally learning its lesson: they’ve agreed to let the 9/11 commission look at all of Bill Clinton’s papers rather than just a handpicked selection of them.

And they did it after only one day! Their usual strategy ? if it can be called that ? is to categorically deny that they will ever give in on whatever the issue of the day is and then spend two weeks masochistically subjecting themselves to increasing levels of outrage from newspaper front pages, political chat shows, newsmagazine covers, the press gaggle, blogs, the evening news, and late night comedians. Then they finally cave in and it turns out there was never any point in resisting in the first place.

So I guess this is an improvement of sorts. The next step, of course, would be to genuinely cooperate with the 9/11 commission and just give them the information they want without preconditions or endless negotiations. Too much to expect from our war president, I suppose.