RICE UNDER THE LIGHTS….I don’t wake up at 6 am even to watch Wimbledon, so you can bet that I didn’t do it just to listen to Condoleezza Rice’s testimony this morning either. However, I just tuned in to the hearings a few minutes ago and caught Bob Kerrey ripping into Rice pretty hard. She was definitely having a hard time keeping up with his aggressive and plainly skeptical questioning.

She’s having a seemingly easier time with Republican John Lehman right now, but I don’t quite understand the point of his interrogation. It’s a long series of questions starting with “Were you aware…?” and her answers are mostly “No.” I guess I was expecting him to have a more sympathetic line of questions, but she sure looks pretty lame and incompetent saying “No….no….no….” to dozens of questions in a row about what our policies were before 9/11.

She also strikes me as nervous and hesitant, which is a little surprising this far into the session. But that’s just a quickie response after a few minutes of watching. Like everyone, I’ll be curious to see what the general verdict on her performance is.

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