TIME TO GO HOME?….I’m with Jesse: if Bill Frist wants to shut down the Senate, he should go right ahead. Outside the circle of political junkies who do things like read this blog, voters don’t have a clue about judicial filibusters or House-Senate reconciliation bills, Tom Daschle’s procedural roadblocks of choice. But if the leader of the Senate stands up on national TV and says he’s shutting down for the year because he’s tired of trying to work with Democrats ? well, can you spell Newt Gingrich?

Normally I’d figure Frist was way too smart to pull something like this ? and that’s still my guess ? but after his spectacular meltdown over Dick Clarke’s testimony I’m not so sure anymore. Needless to say, if Frist decides to try this then Tom Daschle will stand in front of the cameras and remark sadly that he’s been trying hard all year to sort out differences with Republicans and it’s really unfortunate that they’ve decided to pick up their ball and go home. Jeez, even with total control of Congress and the presidency apparently Republicans can’t get anything done.

It would be a fine performance indeed….