FRIST vs. DASCHLE….Bill Frist really wants to get rid of Tom Daschle:

In the latest indication that Frist will personally campaign against his Democratic counterpart, the Republican leader signed a two-page fundraising letter last week for Thune that was sent to thousands of potential donors. The letter was a clear call to arms on behalf of the former three-term House Member who is trying to oust Daschle, a three-term Democrat.

?If you can only make one more contribution to one of our Republican Senate candidates this election cycle … you should make that gift to John Thune,? Frist proclaimed in the letter. To add emphasis, that phrase was set in bold-faced capital letters, accompanied by an exclamation point.

Am I the only one who thinks this could backfire? State politicians can usually make a lot of hay over accusations of “outsiders” trying to influence their elections, and I wonder if Daschle can turn something like this into a positive?

UPDATE: A reader reminds me that Daschle testified as a character witness for South Dakota congressman Bill Janklow in his vehicular manslaughter trial last year. Janklow, of course, is a Republican. I guess no good deed goes unpunished.

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