KINSLEY MOVES TO LA TIMES….This is good news for Southern Californians:

Michael Kinsley, the founding editor of the online magazine Slate, was named editorial and opinion editor of the Los Angeles Times, John Carroll, editor of The Times, announced today.

….Kinsley, who also has been the editor of the New Republic and Harper’s magazines, will be responsible for The Times’ daily editorial and letters page, the Commentary page and the Sunday Opinion section.

Like many people, I’ve long found the LA Times’ editorial and op-ed pages to be considerably flabbier than they should be for a paper of the Times’ stature. If anyone can turn that around, Kinsley’s the guy.

And here’s Job 1 for you, Michael: get rid of the juvenile, jokey, 3rd-position editorials that show up like a bad penny every few days. They aren’t funny, they aren’t even witty, and if you can’t find three legitimate subjects to have an opinion about every day then you shouldn’t be running an editorial page. Don’t disappoint me on this, OK?

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