CLEANING UP….From the Army’s investigation of Abu Ghraib prison, according to Seymour Hersh:

General Taguba saved his harshest words for the military-intelligence officers and private contractors….He further urged that a civilian contractor, Steven Stephanowicz, of CACI International, be fired from his Army job, reprimanded, and denied his security clearances….?He clearly knew his instructions equated to physical abuse,? Taguba wrote.

Via Billmon, this is the April 25 entry in the online diary of Joe Ryan, a military interrogator at Abu Ghraib:

There were six of us that had to come in early and conduct long interrogations….I got to take the rest of the day off after our long booth time. This gave us a nice evening after dinner to head to the roof and play a round of golf. Scott Norman, Jeff Mouton, Steve Hattabaugh, Steve Stefanowicz, and I all took turns trying to hit balls over the back wall and onto the highway.

Like Billmon, I sort of doubt there are two guys with this same name working at Abu Ghraib. Considering that General Taguba’s report was written in February and Stephanowicz was still in Iraq hitting golf balls two months later, the Army doesn’t exactly seem to be hopping to implement his recommendations, does it?