A BOLD NEW POLICY ON CUBA….The president took some strong action today to halt his downward slide in the polls in key battleground states:

The Bush administration pledged today to further limit travel to Cuba while spending millions to promote democracy on the communist island, moving to mollify Cuban American critics who said the president risked losing the support of exiles if he did not fulfill promises to get tougher on Castro.

….The money ? $59 million over the next two years to help families of dissidents and to evade Cuban jamming of U.S.-sponsored radio and television transmissions directed at island inhabitants ? does not require congressional action, officials said.

It’s good to know that even as his administration is crumbling around him, Bush is keeping his eye on what really matters: pandering to the Cuban exile community so that he can win Florida in November. Hell, it’s such a transparent vote-buying ploy that the FEC should count that $59 million against his campaign spending limits if any of it is spent in September or October.

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