CHALABI GETS THE BOOT….Yesterday I briefly mentioned that there had been yet another raid on one of Ahmed Chalabi’s offices in Baghdad. Today, the reader who emailed me about this in the first place points out that the AP story I linked to has been updated with an explanation:

Police arrived at the Ramadi offices of his Iraqi National Congress movement and ordered everyone to leave the building, according to INC official Haider al-Musawi. He said the evacuation order came from the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior.

….Police Capt. Ahmed Saleh Mohammed said the order to vacate the building was issued by the Interior Ministry in Baghdad, which said the offices belonged to the provincial water and sewerage department.

This actually makes sense. I gather that Chalabi and the INC routinely sieze control of property that isn’t theirs ? Chief Wiggles provides an eyewitness account here of their appropriation of a boat club ? and it looks like Chalabi’s fall from grace may have prompted the Interior Ministry to work up the courage to boot him out of one of them.

This is, undoubtedly, merely the surface manifestation of massive political maneuverings between various parties in Iraq. Stay tuned.

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