X CHROMOSOME BLOGGING….A couple of followups to yesterday’s post about the composition of the blogosphere ? specifically the observation that most well known political bloggers and a large majority of blog readers are men.

First, Chris Nolan emails to point out that until recently political magazines like, ahem, the Washington Monthly and The New Republic didn’t hire or publish many women, and even today women are still in fairly short supply at such places. So male domination of the blogosphere is hardly something to be surprised about. (Concerned, yes, surprised, no.)

Second, one of the 20% of my readers who are women emails to ask, “Are there any women bloggers who focus on politics/public affairs who are worthwhile reading?” Indeed there are! I’m usually reluctant to publish lists of “favorite” blogs, since I almost inevitably leave out someone that I shouldn’t, but I suppose that’s really a bit of a cowardly attitude, isn’t it?

So here’s a short list. I’m not claiming these are the best political/public affairs blogs by women around, just that they happen to be ones that I’ve bookmarked and read frequently:

There are also women who write for group blogs, including Tapped, Crooked Timber, The Corner, The Campaign Desk, and others. And, needless to say, this list is top heavy with liberals since my personal reading is top heavy with liberals. If you’re more conservative than me, you might try bugging some friendly right wing blogger to create a more conservative-friendly list.

And finally, at the risk of repeating myself, there’s no special reason for endorsing these eleven blogs. They just happen to be the ones that I read on a frequent basis, which means that if you like Political Animal you might like them too. At any rate, you won’t know til you try!

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