LA TIMES EDITORIAL PAGE….I missed this op-ed by David Klinghoffer in the LA Times this morning, but Matt Yglesias is right: it is the most abjectly puerile thing I’ve read on a major editorial page in a long time. Did they really publish a guy who claims, “There is a secular creation account ? evolution through random mutation and natural selection, a just-so story increasingly challenged by scientists“?

So, we have both Barone and Klinghoffer in the Times today peddling junior high school essays as adult opinion. And I’d like to note that today is June 17th, the third day of Michael Kinsley’s reign as editorial and opinion editor. I’m going to be as charitable as possible and assume that he’s clearing out the slush pile while still trying to get his arms around things, because the only other interpretation is that he actually thought these were both worthwhile contributions to the public discourse.

And I really, really don’t want to believe that.