BUSH NATIONAL GUARD UPDATE….The Defense Department says that a bunch of George Bush’s National Guard records were accidentally destroyed eight years ago during a project to try to “salvage deteriorating microfilm.” Among the records destroyed were payroll records from the third quarter of 1972, the period in which Bush was in Alabama working on a Senate campaign.

This sounds suspicious, and it might be, but it’s worth noting that we pretty much already know that Bush didn’t show up for drills during this period and didn’t get paid, so it’s not likely that these payroll records would have told us anything new. Why tamper with records that don’t tell us anything we don’t already know?

On the other hand, these three months (July-September 1972) are the crucial three months in the whole Bush National Guard saga, since this is when he skipped his physical, was grounded, and then disappeared from sight for six months. It’s definitely fishy that of all possible periods, this is the one that went missing. (Note also that the 3Q72 payroll records were missing in the original document dump in February, as I noted in this post, and that the 4Q72 and 1Q73 records don’t seem to agree with each other. As always with this stuff, it’s hard to make sense of it.)

Of course, it’s the Flight Inquiry Board report on why he was grounded after skipping his physical that we’d really like to take a look at. That would be interesting to see ? assuming it wasn’t also “inadvertantly destroyed,” of course….