STATUS REPORT….Quick note: the Washington Monthly site has been up and down for the past few hours. Some people can get to it and some people can’t. For me, it was down this morning and then came back up around 11 o’clock. Other people report that they haven’t been able to bring up the site since last night.

It probably doesn’t do much good to post about this, since the people who can’t reach the site aren’t going to see it, but, um, I’m doing it anyway. This is probably all caused by some kind of DNS problem out in the vast reaches of the internet, and hopefully our host will resolve it shortly.

UPDATE: Yeah, it was a DNS problem. Apparently our DNS provider decided to stop providing DNS to us, but we didn’t get the message and last night they pulled the plug. We’re back on the air now, just waiting for everything to propagate fully. Everything should be OK by Saturday.

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