TALES FROM REAL LIFE….A lesson in capitalism, in which Blockbuster Inc. figures out how to suck a larger portion of our paycheck out of our wallets for something we never knew we needed:

“So, do you think we should sign up for this Blockbuster deal where you can rent as many movies as you want for 25 bucks a month?”

“Um, how many movies do we rent a month?”

“Beats me. But we’ve been renting more than usual lately.”

“Yeah, but still, it can’t be more than ? what? Four a month?”

“But maybe we’d rent more if they were free.”

“Well, there are a few movies I wouldn’t mind seeing….”


“I still haven’t seen the last Lord of the Rings movie. And I wouldn’t mind seeing Spiderman again.”

“But you probably wouldn’t bother renting them if you actually had to pay for them, would you?”

“Hmmm. It is rerun season.”


“Maybe we should try it for a couple of months and see how it goes.”

And thus does the fabulous free market march ever onward….