SUMMER MOVIE REVIEW-ETTES….I’ve seen a bunch of movies lately, and even though no one’s asked and there’s no special reason anyone should care, here’s what I thought of the summer movie blockbuster season so far:

  • Fahrenheit 9/11. Yeah, yeah, Michael Moore is a big fat liar. Go see it anyway.

  • Dodgeball. The commercials made it look dismally stupid, and I’m not a huge Ben Stiller fan in any case. But surprise! Lots of good jokes, lots of dumb gags that work, and good, fast pacing all around. Definitely a winner if you have a taste for this kind of slapstick comedy.

  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. When a movie feels like it has to end with a tacit acknowledgment that “nothing happened,” you know you’re in trouble. I’m afraid this installment in the franchise felt more like a series of disconnected scenes than an actual story to me.

  • The Terminal. Dammit, why do I keep seeing Steven Spielberg movies? It’s not like The Terminal is horrible, it’s more that it’s just a gussied up TV movie that I got suckered into paying for, entirely predictable and saccharine from beginning to end. You can always trust Spielberg to use a sledgehammer when a scalpel would have done just as well.

    And really, did anyone believe that Stanley Tucci’s parody of Inspector Javert only earns $19 an hour? Where the hell did that come from?

  • Spiderman 2. No, it wasn’t the best superhero movie yet made: the first Batman movie still takes top honors. But Spiderman 2 is close!

    I’m not much for philosphical reviews of comic book characters, so I’ll leave that to others. Instead I’ll just say that even if you don’t like this kind of movie, you should see it anyway just to marvel at the Doc Ock special effects. His mechanical arms are the real star of the show and worth the price of admission by themselves. Oh yeah, and Alfred Molina as the actual character is terrific too.

I also rented The Triplets of Belleville over the weekend. I still don’t have any idea what it was about, but as my wife said, it’s mesmerizing anyway. Definitely worth a look.