EDWARDS REACTION….It turns out that even my wife is tired of hearing the electrifying news that John Kerry volunteered to go to Vietnam after he finished college. I know why it’s being done, and I’m sure it’s a good idea and all, but I have to admit that they’ve been laying it on pretty thick tonight.

In other spousal news, Marian wasn’t buying John Edwards’ “Two Americas” schtick either, even though she likes Edwards. Sure, she’s just one person (sort of my own personal version of the immigrant cabbie, I guess), but I’m always curious to see what she thinks of the speakers since most of them are new to her. This was the first time she’d actually seen Edwards in action.

I’ve always liked this speech myself, although I don’t think this was his best performance. He’s got some good lines about rewarding work that he only touched on in tonight’s version, and I’ve always thought that was one of the strongest parts of his message.

Tomorrow: Wes Clark and the Swift boat lieutenant himself. I’m looking forward to it. And after that, I’m really looking forward to the convention being over….

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