EDWARDS AND CLINTON….From the New York Times political blog:

So how is John Edwards feeling about Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York these days? So bad, apparently, that in an interview last week he twice refused to say whether he would endorse her should she win the Democratic presidential nomination.

It is a standard political question, which often comes with a standard answer. And it is highly unusual for a candidate to decline to answer whether he would ultimately support the party’s nominee.

….Between campaign appearances last week, as he rode through eastern Iowa in his campaign van, Mr. Edwards declined to answer whether he would support Mrs. Clinton.

“I’m not willing to talk about that at this point,” he said, waiting silently until the next question was asked.

What did I miss? Or was it something behind the scenes? Sure, Edwards has been taking on Hillary Clinton pretty directly, but I can’t remember anything going on between them that might have caused this level of bad blood. It’s especially odd since Edwards quite plainly will endorse Hillary Clinton if she’s the Democratic nominee. Anything else would be political suicide.

Very mysterious. I wonder if this is purely heat-of-the-battle campaign talk or if it goes back before that?

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