MOVIE BLOGGING….Some miscellaneous movie blogging:

  • I saw Collateral this afternoon. I wasn’t really expecting much, but even so it didn’t deliver. Overall, I thought it was pretty lame and tedious.

  • Despite that, it occurred to me the other day that this has been a fairly good year for movies. I’ve been getting steadily more discouraged over the past few years as I’ve seen fewer and fewer movies that I like, but this year I’ve seen quite a few decent flicks. Nothing super outstanding, mind you, but that’s OK since my beef has mainly been the lack of solid, meat-and-potatoes movies, not a lack of movies likely to end up on my personal top ten list. Time will tell if this is just a fluke, I suppose.

  • Stadium seating is a great invention. Thumbs up!

  • What’s up with people chattering away in movies as if they’re sitting in their own living room? Is this even considered rude anymore? Or is it like munching on popcorn: a widely accepted activity whether or not you personally approve?

  • And finally a question about Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. This is only for people who have seen the movie, and it contains spoilers. Click the link to continue.

I’ve been emailing with Reihan Salam, Dan Drezner’s guest blogger this week, and among other things we’ve been talking about Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. Both of us liked it (although Reihan is a wee bit more enthusiastic than I am), but we’ve got a question: what actually happened? Here are three options:

  1. The whole thing was a hallucination. Harold and Kumar never actually left their apartment.

  2. The trip actually happened, but the individual incidents in the movie were drug-induced fantasies only marginally related to real events.

  3. The whole thing happened, but it happened in an alternate universe of some kind.

I won’t tell you which theory belong to who, and I guess you’re welcome to come up with alternate theories of your own. Voting is now open.

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