MOVIE REVIEW-ETTES….I saw a couple of movies last week:

  • In Her Shoes was terrific, one of the best films I’ve seen this year. Toni Collette did an outstanding job as Cameron Diaz’s good girl sister and, unlike so many movies in this genre, their dysfunctional relationship and its evolution over the course of the movie was both believable and sharply portrayed.

    The only false note, I thought, was the retirement home shtick in the second half of the movie. Still, even though some of it was pretty stale, it was done with enough verve and good humor that it didn’t matter much. Worth seeing.

  • The Weather Man was just terrible, a collection of thoroughly unlikable people in a thoroughly unlikable story, all of whom remain thoroughly unlikable all the way to the bitter end. Usually there’s some redeeming value to movies like this, but not this time. By the time it was over I pretty much felt like slitting my throat. (A feeling that wasn’t helped by Nicholas Cage’s unusually idiotic summing up, in which he decides that money is cool since, you know, money is so all-American and everything. Sheesh.)

    This is the second Nicholas Cage move in just a few weeks that I’ve actively disliked. I was looking forward to Lord of War, but although it featured an engaging production and some sharp writing (like The Weather Man), it ultimately led nowhere interesting. And the ending was so adolescently preachy as to be embarrassing in a supposedly grown-up production.

So what’s on the agenda for next week? Should I go see Jarhead? The reviews seem to have been mediocre, but I’ve seen the trailer several times and it makes the movie look great. Unfortunately, the art of trailer-making has gotten so scarily efficient these days that this means nothing. But I’ll probably go anyway.