OG-BLAY IZ-QUAY….What’s the most popular blogging language? English, of course. But here’s a mini quiz that tests your knowledge of other blogging languages:

  1. Scandinavian languages: Are there more Swedish blogs or Danish blogs?

  2. Dead languages: Are there more Esperanto blogs or Latin blogs?

  3. Romance languages: Are there more Spanish blogs or Portuguese blogs?

  4. Obscure micro-languages: Are there more Breton blogs or Catalan blogs?

  5. What’s the #2 blog language?

  6. Why isn’t Russian in the top 25?

Answers here. Or below the fold.

(Via Crooked Timber.)

Answers: 1. Danish. 2. Esperanto. 3. Portuguese. 4. Catalan. 5. French. 6. I don’t know.

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