AT LONG LAST….The interesting thing about this bit of conservative psychoanalysis….

Reading some of the anti-Kerry attacks over the last several weeks, you might conclude that this is the new conservative position: A veteran who volunteered for combat duty, spent four months under fire in Vietnam, and then exaggerated a bit so he could go home early is the inferior, morally and otherwise, of a man who had his father pull strings so he wouldn’t have to go to Vietnam in the first place.

Needless to say, the proposition will be a hard sell in those dim and tiny reaches of the electorate where voters have yet to make up their minds. Indeed, it’s far more likely that moderates and fence-sitters will be disgusted by the lengths to which partisans will go to discredit a rival. But this anti-Kerry campaign is not designed to win undecided votes. It’s designed to reassure uneasy minds.

…is that it’s from the latest issue of the Weekly Standard. Apparently there are at least one or two conservatives left in America who are trying to hang onto their last remaining shreds of decency.

POSTSCRIPT: Kerry’s latest ad is here. It’s good. Go watch.