BUSH SPEECH….I don’t really have much reaction to Bush’s speech. His delivery seemed better than usual (though awfully slow and over-deliberate) and his normal smirk was gone (though replaced only by a slightly more palatable one), so I guess that puts it in the better than average category. A few miscellaneous comments:

  • The “ownership society” sure got passed over mighty quickly. Something tells me that his heart isn’t really into Social Security privatization.

  • His biggest applause line of the night came when he took a shot at trial lawyers. I don’t quite get this. Sure, he’s going to get applause, but the biggest of the night? Weird.

  • He mentioned three former presidents by name: two Democrats and one Republican. Shouldn’t he have at least figured out a way to mention his father to even things up?

  • There was no mention in the speech of job creation. Something tells me this means that Friday morning’s job numbers aren’t going to be so hot.

And for all the talk about the war and terrorism, I still don’t really know what he thinks his second term foreign policy would be like. He’s against terrorism, but that was about the extent of it. I wonder if he has any clue himself?