REPORT FROM BOSTON….A friend of mine was at the big Obama rally in Boston last night and sent along a few impressions. Take ’em for what they’re worth:

  • 90% of the people there were younger than I am [he’s 49] and most were under 30.

  • Lots of blacks and a surprising number of Asians, but a largely young white audience of equal gender.

  • I was surprised how down his supporters are on Hillary. They seem to dislike her as much as Republicans.

  • Given his oratorical gifts, his stump speech could be much better. He needs Ted Sorensen.

  • Was watching the faces of Ted, Caroline, Deval and Kerry and they sure seem to like him a lot.

  • The biggest applause line of the night was Ted Kennedy’s booming voice telling the crowd that in one year’s time the Bush administration will be over.

  • Barack’s biggest laugh of the night came when he talked about his lineage being traced to Dick Cheney.

  • Barack’s most disingenuous lines are when he panders to the Edwards supporters. The gratuitous populism just seems cheap next to his grander ideas.

  • None of the five or six Larouchies working the line outside were able to convince me to join the group to prevent the “biggest greatest economic collapse since the fall of the Roman Empire.”

My friend and I both used to do a lot of PowerPoint presentations back in the day, so the bullet point format here is pretty appropriate.