MORE PLEDGE WEEK NAGGING….You already know that I like the Washington Monthly, so today I thought I’d branch out and try to get some endorsements from the brain trust currently running the country. And guess what? They all agreed to give me blurbs!

  • Donald Rumsfeld: Like me, the Washington Monthly doesn’t screw around with known knowns. They go straight for the jugular: known unknowns, unknown knowns, and unknown unknowns.

  • George Bush: The articles are kinda long, but Laura tells me they’re pretty good. You should probably subscribe.

  • Dick Cheney: If you don’t buy a subscription to Washington Monthly, terrorists will kill you.

  • India the Cat: Meow!

OK, OK, so I’m not much of a comedian. But hey: it’s a great magazine and a subscription is only thirty bucks. So go ahead and subscribe. It only takes a minute or two.